Monday, October 12, 2009

My day off!

Well, today I was supposed to finish a lot of my little projects around here. I thought I would be very productive on my day off but I was kinda wrong. haha. I woke up SICK! ugh. I did however clean the house, my craft room, as well as the pantry. (I am completly out of energy now though!) I hate colds!

While I was cleaning I did find these:

I got these at Value Village in August! I love finding things I forgot I had! So I made a few changes. I took the candy corn out of this vase (because the heat from the woodstove was melting them to the glass

And I filled it with leaves and cones from those two boxes

I took the rest of the big pumpkins and gourds and put them in the basket with my acorns

I also painted the plate stand I got last week

And it now sits on my counter

(the plates I got thrifting were too big, so I will be on the hunt for nice glass ones, or something)

I am painting a few other things as well today, so I guess it wasn't completly a waste of a day!
Hopefully I am feeling better before work tomorrow!


  1. That plate stand is too cute! I've been on the hunt for one and yours is EXACTLY what I'm looking for!

  2. So many cute accents! :)
    Feel better!