Sunday, October 4, 2009

My weekend finds!

Well I have been blog crazy today! I wish I had more time to blog so I wouldnt have to make a zillion entries on the only day I have free! hahah Anyway I thought I would show off the lovely things I got when I went to Meaford with mom, dad and gramma yesterday!

3 of these stars! They were silver, and I painted them black : $8

I hung the big one here

This tray which you already saw in my fall display, $8.35

Ghost "bird"house, $1

Lovely sign, $6

3 acorns, 1.50 each

bowl, $1

Signs, $2 each

This thingy (which I thought was a runner) $3
I am planning on painting it, or something! ha

Cute garden stakes for my herb garden next year! (which Iwill paint black or white)

And this beautiful flower vase, $3

I am pretty happy with my buys! For being all new things I thought the prices were pretty good! ( I am getting used to the thrift prices)

I had a lot of fun! And will go back to the next sale, in the spring!


  1. All great finds!!! I love the bowl and signs!! :)

  2. I got those same stars at the candle factory sale!

    I've left them silver though because I haven't found a place for them yet and I wouldn't want to be unable to go back to the (sort of) galvanized metal look.