Sunday, December 13, 2009


What a week! We had 2 "no bus days" at school! The snow just kinda came out of no where. It was so nice for so long, and then BAM! no bus day! Now, we still have to make every attempt to go to work. We don't get the day off like some people think!

Hazel has been crying at the door to go out, so I finally let her. She wanted to go back in right away!

Kayla came home yesterday which was nice! We went out today and finished our Christmas shopping! We also snuck a little thrifting in there! I didnt get toooo much, but I am happy with what I got!

You will see what I do with some of this stuff soon I hope!
This next week is going to be really busy. It is the last week of work before Christmas break, I picked up an extra shift at Rachel's and K is home so we will be hanging out too. It might be a little hectic!

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