Thursday, December 31, 2009

When I was checking out I found This
 Ruffles and Stuff posted these beautiful glass gem frames. I love them!

I went to Walmart and the dollarstore to look for these glass marbles and I couldn't find any. Fast forward a few days...and then

 When we went to the thrift store I found these:

You know when they bag a bunch of stuff together? I never look but I did that day and found 3 containers for $2 I was so excited!!
Then when we went to Ikea I found this:

(at the "as is" section)
So you know what I did with it right? hahah
I first painted this mirror white.

 Then I glued away!!

And voila

It's going to look great in our room re-do!
I had more left over and wondered what to do with them!
I had painted this for our room

And thought why not!! hahah

I am going to hang them on the wall. I think they turned out really nice

I also spray painted a grapevine wreath white. So can you guess my room colour now?!
(if you haven't already)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new years! See you in 2010!

 I am going to link it up to


  1. Ooh!! I really like what you did with the idea. The "Dream" is really cool!! I'm gonna link to it on the Dollar Store Crafts facebook page!

  2. Gorgeous and so creative. Love them both.

  3. Oh wow, beautiful!! Thanks for the link, too! ;o)

  4. the DREAM is soooo cool! What a clever idea!!!