Sunday, March 7, 2010

Big Honkin Bracelets!

This week my cousin Tori came over to my place for dinner and craft time. I had seen these bracelets around blog land where you use fabric and cover beads, and tie knots as you go. I couldn't find at beads at the dollarstore so I thought about using small foam balls. hahahahah. They turned out to be really BIG bracelets.
We had some fun with lace my sister gave me. We had to pick what fabric we wanted which was the hardest part! Look at all the fabric I got from Sherry at work!! 2 whole under the bed bags full!!
We picked these!!
We cut out stripes to sew into a tube
Sewing time!

Then you pop a ball in, tie a knot and keep repeating that process! Harrison liked the foam balls!
Tori made a necklace or a headband!
I made a bracelet.
I even wore it to work the next day!!
Love you TS! I had a blast!


  1. i love YOU
    that was a lovely evening, thanks for everything !


  2. The bracelets turned out so cute!!

  3. I am jealous of your crafting/bonding.
    I miss my sisters.