Saturday, May 15, 2010

The New Entrance

 I don't know if you remember back in November I was talking about our entrance. I kinda re-did it, but still needed some curtains...well, I just got around to it now! hahahaha. Anyway, I will remind everyone what the little entrance looked like when we moved in:
Yikes! We ended up painting it, and Mike put down stick tile and then it looked like this:
 This is where Ben would sleep every night. :( We also had a shoe rack to the left there, that I fell on and destroyed hahahahahaha  
I had a cute little table my mom and dad stained for me. It was a big change!! Well, since Ben is no longer with us we didnt have his huge mat there and we had lots of room. We I also have a shoe problem, so shoes were all over the place( since the shoe rack was gone) and I kicked them where the mat used to be! We needed a change! I grabbed the chest Mike's mom gave us, that we had in our bedroom here, in front of the bed: 
Now the entrance looks like this 
 All the shoes are hidden in the chest, and there is a spot now to sit down and put our shoes on! 
  I made a half curtain, and left Ben's name. (I had put those letters on after the other picture was taken)  I have to fix that "J"!! Mom and dad gave me that milk jug today
  I love it!  I also have plans to change a few things in the bedroom, if I get around to it this weekend. I never seem to have enough time to do anything!!!

Thanks again mom and dad for all your help today! I love you! xo


  1. It looks fantastic. Love that idea of a chest in the hallway- something I hadnt thought of!

  2. It looks great! I love all the white. :)