Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thrifting With Sister

 Yesterday Sisterface and I went thrifting (my favourite 2 things you know..!!) 
K didn't get too much...I came home with a few things, as usual. As I was taking pictures to show you guys...Harrison was getting in the I have attached the first attempt at a picture, and then the actual picture, after I removed him from it! hahahah It was getting a little annoying.....So I got:
A Style at Home mag, the game Rack-O (because Mike and I love to play games) A cute pattern for jumpers and cute dresses, a metal heart hanger, 2 mason jars, a rolling pin and a cute wicker candle holder!
 I also got this wicker plate stand thing. So the question is, do you think I should paint it or leave it this colour?
 This cute white box...Harrison had to smell everything! hahahah
 And I got this cute dress that everyone thinks is ugly, except me. hahah Harrison liked to lay on that!
 How could I be mad at this cute little fluffball?
 Kayla and I also stopped at the mall, just to go in Forever 21. I got this cute shirt and ring. Love them!!

And thats it! I am off to make breakfast for my mom, so I will have to post about her later! Have a great day and spoil all the moms in your life!!! They deserve it!


  1. I'd say you scored. My cat does the same thing! I have 2 spots in the house that have good enough light to take pictures and that's where he decides to set!

  2. I am now a follower. Love your blog! I've got a cat that looks just like Harrison, except her black spot on her head disappeared after "kittenhood". She's featured in many of my blog pics!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to follow my blog :)

  3. Oh hey, I like you.

    p.s. I'm stealing that ring.

  4. I love the dress! Personally, I adore "ugly" clothes...because that means no one is going to try to steal it from me (i.e. sisters!)