Saturday, May 1, 2010

A very successful day!

 Well, today was a lot of fun with the girls! We went to 3 thrift stores 45 min away, out to lunch, then came back and went to 2 more close to our home. It was a very successful trip for me, but not so much for K or T!! I got....
tray stand, cute white ikea candle holder and some books: dexter, diet for a small planet (a book that has been on my must read list forever!), Ecoholic, a house and home mag, and a wedding mag......shhhhh don't tell Michael!! I just loved the little candle holder and for only .29 it was a steal!
 I also got a cute bag with burlap inside, a cute black and white top, and a salmon coloured one. I love salmon right now!!
This tray....
Which is drying as we speak..guess what colour I picked?! White of course. I should be down guarding it from this boy.
The little cabinet I painted had little feet marks in it! There were also white paw prints on the hallway floor.......
 And this lovely picnic basket!
 (which I plan to use a lot this summer with Michael!)

 So there you go! I was very lucky and found a lot of good stuff! Now it is time to find a spot for everything and clean the really messy craft room!
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


  1. can we have a picnic too?!?

  2. The little candle holder is super cute! And the picnic basket will be perfect!