Saturday, May 29, 2010

 Today was a very busy day! Mom and Dad picked me up and we bought some plants for the gardens. Well THEY bought me some plants. It was just ridiculous. They wouldn't take ANY money! We were outside for a while, and accomplished alot!
 We planted my urns.
 Planted some hanging baskets and hung them on the shed.
 Planted some herbs. I am going to jazz these pots up a little, and make tags for them!
 We made a little area to pot plants, and hung an old window on the side of the shed. I am thinking of adding some old barn board shelves, we will see though....
 I watered and weeded the whole garden (that we planted last weekend)
 And already have some radishes!
 I also weeded and added mulch to all the gardens. 
And added some annuals to the garden we made a few weeks ago. I am ready for my bed! Possibly because I look like a lobster. I am very burnt. And very mad at myself for letting it happen! I did have a big list of stuff to do outside tomorrow as well, but we will have to see if I can move by then. If I do, I will definitely cover up!!


  1. Wow, reading your last few posts and you girl have been crazy busy! Heck, now I want to get everything on my list done!

  2. I wish i had an amazing back yard like yours!! I would love to have a great big patio. I live in an apartment :( ill live vicariously through you ;)