Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clip Board Inspiration Wall

Remember how I told you I didn't like this pinboard anymore?!
 Well, I bought some clip boards to put there instead
 You can't use a level in this house, because nothing is level. hahah See what I used?
 My tape measure.

Anyway, I really like how it turned out.
I'm going to post the latest ideas I'm going to make as a reminder to do them, and some pictures too.

I am going through my entire craft room and decluttering and getting rid of lots of stuff. I have a few projects on the go and ideas I want to try, so stay tuned for big craft room reveal! hahahah

I am joining all the parties listed here, with this project!


  1. Love it plus you can add those beautiful holiday magazine inspiration :)

  2. That's really cool. Can't wait to see your craftroom!

  3. that is such a good idea! I LOVE your blog. You are so creative, and such an inspiration! Thanks for the bday wishes by the way! Talk to you soon dear!

  4. This is such a wonderful idea. We're getting ready to move, which means redecorating...and I will be saving this! Thank you kindly!

  5. Good idea. I have lots of clipboards, a big space to fill and a tape measure handy! I hope my finished project turns out as cute as yours. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  6. I love it! I saw an idea like that forever ago on Martha I think and had completely forgotten about it! Yours is great (the fabric covered bulletin board was pretty too!

    Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Saturday!

  7. So cute! Easy, inexpensive, personal -- wonderful idea.

  8. I like it! I have a stack of clipboards waiting for inspiration, so thanks! Visiting from FJI.

  9. This is adorable. Too bad that kid is goofy looking.

  10. I LOVE this idea! What a great way to stay inspired...and on track with what you want to do next!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. That's a cute idea. I think if I tried that, they wouldn't look so neat and orderly!