Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kitchen Update and recent Finds

Well, the kitchen cupboards are done! Alllll done! It took longer and was more work then I thought but they look amazing. What am I was more work for mom and dad! The last 4 days I have worked, had an appointment and an interview and they stayed and painted away. So thank you mom and dad so much for all your hard work! I love you!

So, they are painted a creamy white with nice sprayed black handles. We painted the wall above them too, and it looks much taller. (seen below)
Also today, I decided I wanted to get rid of the green, which I have hated since I painted it green 3 years ago. I didn't want to spend any more on paint so I mixed my own! I mixed the colour from the living room and the one from our bedroom when it was beige. It looks awesome!! I can't quite do a big reveal because the trim around the kitchen needs to be painted the same colour as well. I think it looks funny white, with the creamy white cupboards, so that is tomorrows job!! See? Very white.
So because I am painting that, I will have to do all the door frames as well! Ah. The work is never done!! 
  Hopefully this weekend I will reveal the kitchen makeover?!! 

I thought I would also show you the things I found at winners for waaaay cheap!
eco decor-$1
frames-$2 each
cutest thermos-$2 
lovely tin candlestick-$4!

I also picked up this chime for $3
It has an angel and some other stuff which isn't my style, so I am going to just take them off. I mean how could I pass up this?


That's it! That's all! xoxo


  1. I love the creamy white color of the cabinets! They are perfect!

  2. i love this blog! i've spent the last hour or so looking through old posts! i'm feeling so crafty and inspired now!