Monday, September 6, 2010

More Odds And Ends

Hey everyone! Thanks again for everyone who follows my blog, and comments! I love reading what everyone has to say! I for sure didn't think I would reach 200 followers so quickly but thank you! I will have to think of a great give away to celebrate and get back to you guys soon!

I thought I should show you and thank tatortots and jello for featuring my craft room on her blog.
It made my day! So thank you so much! See the post here

I also thought I should show you my first attempt at embroidery. In the Martha Stewart Sewing book there is a bit on embroidery. I think it is beautiful and I would love to add it to some bags or pillows I make. I couldn't quite get the stiches from reading it so I went on youtube to see someone do it, and got it right away! Don't laugh!! hahahaha
I added the names up top for fun and in 2 minutes. The bird took a lot longer! ahahah. The bird pattern was from the disk in the Martha Stewart Book so I printed it off and traced it on the fabric! I am pretty proud of that silly bird! hahah. Practice makes perfect so hopefully I will get a little better!

Look what I picked from our garden friday!

There's still lots of veggies around! We also have 3 pumpkins! One is already starting to turn orange too! How exciting! It is the first time we have planted pumpkins!

And lastly look at this little guy!
He is so funny and a lot of trouble! He gets into everything all the time!

Well, I am going back down to make a "fall" banner. Hopefully when Mike comes in he can go down and get the fall stuff to see what I have! (I can never remember!) P.S did I tell you I love fall and am really excited for it to arrive!? Horray!!
Oh also, Mike is out building Sadie a dog house so I will post about that too when it is all done! I have to decide on a colour! Any suggestions?!


  1. I love the bird! You are totally making me want to retry embroidery. (The last time I did it I was...ten. Ha!)

    I think the dog house should be pink. But that's just me! :)

  2. I just found your blog, love it!

  3. Congrats on reaching your goal :)

  4. yummm, i love fresh veggies! and that embroidery is so cute. much better than i could even try to do!