Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sadie's New House

Back, way back behind our house there was an old doghouse thrown in the bush. I think it might have been Benji's!? Or maybe not. Anyway, we thought Sadie would need a house of her own for the cold weather coming up. We Michael dug it out, but it was in pretty rough shape! The wood was rotting from the bottom up. The bottom floor fell right off, but when we looked inside the frame had been reinforced with new wood not too long ago. So we put it in the back of the truck incase we could save some of it (at least the frame) I am crazy and didn't take a before picture! The frame and roof ended up being the only things we could save, so we  Michael took all the scrap wood lying around and attached it to the frame. We had to buy some new wood because we ran out, and plywood for the floor. He even insulated it! This is what we ended up with
I loved it. The roof had paint on it so we decided to paint it.

I spray painted the roof black. (with the paint I had bought for the handles in the kitchen) I liked the old weathered look but all the wood was different colours so we decided to paint it. Mike suggested to make it look like our shed.
Here's the shed Mike built last summer!(or the summer before?! I am loosing track!) I knew I had black and white paint so I thought I would mix them and make my own grey colour. I didn't have as much black as I thought so it is much, much lighter. (but still grey! or is it gray?)
I attached a star just like on our shed.
She loves it! And is in it all the time. We are going to get some hay and maybe a blanket for her too.


  1. That is great! I love the star on the top and the worn looking wood!

    Michael seems to be so talented with wood...and what a good call on making it look like the shed!

  2. What a clever idea, to make it match. Love the star! That's one lucky doggie!

  3. Cute dog house! You and Mike are so ridiculous. The next house you build should be for me!

  4. I love how cute this turned out! I bet the dog loves it!
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  5. That is the most adorable dog house I have ever seen!! I love it and I love that you put that little star on there!!! She is one lucky pooch!!!
    I found you over at Someday Crafts!!

  6. AWWWW How fun and creative are you! This is just so sweet and looks like your pup is loving it too! I'm happy to be your newest follower of your deligtful blog and would love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou decor! I would also like to invite you to link your sweet creations up at my weekly Fabulous Friday Finds party! Hope to see you there!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  7. This is so sweet. I absolutely love the way it turned out.

  8. It looks great! I have to ask if you are in Texas or if you just love those stars?

    Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Saturday!

  9. That's great! I can't believe you even insulated it!

  10. LOVE the dog house! I'd love to have 3 of these for our fur babies! Great job!