Thursday, September 15, 2011


Good Morning guys! I thought I would show you this:

Oh man! The time has gone by so fast! It just feels like we were apple picking and Mike purposed! Everything has gone very smoothly! (The only really issue we had were the invitations...they were definitely a pain in the butt, but I think they turned out OK so it was worth it...and for that to be the only thing, I think that is pretty good!) 

There is still some stuff left to do:

* Pick up dress from alterations and hope it still fits! hah
* Meet with the photographer to talk about pictures we want and how the day will lay out.
* Book and go do a hair trial! ( I still haven't done that! yikes!)
* Meet with the officiant and talk about the type of ceremony we want
* Buy gifts for the bridal party
* Confirm the meal with the caterers

I think that is all the main stuff I have to do before a few days before the wedding.....It still seems like a lot! hahaha....Wish me luck!!

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