Monday, October 17, 2011

Make it Monday : Guestbook Board

Well, I am married! I still can't believe it! The wedding was beautiful, everything was perfect and I think everyone ended up having a good time! I did anyway! I will end up doing a wedding post either sometime this week or on the weekend for sure!

Anyway, remember the DIY garter?! ahahahahahh Well, let's just say it didn't work out! I can't bare to show you what they look like....I made 3...all I have to say is...hahahahahahahahah

So instead I made a DIY guest book board. Here is a picture of it! What do you think?
 I love it. It took me one morning on the weekend! I used a tri-fold board, covered it in fabric...added lace, ribbon, twine with clothes pegs for the pictures on the bottom and jewel stickers.

I added it to the table with the seating is a shot of the table

I bought that chalkboard as a scrapbook frame at the dollarstore, took the glass out and put the chalkboard paper in  it. I also used a bigger tri-fold board to make the seating chart. I used the leftover invitations and printed the  table information on each one. I love how this table turned out!

I really love the board. I'm hoping to find a good spot to keep it, I don't want to throw it out!!

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