Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Tips - How to hang a picture

This is genius! This is how you easily hang a picture or mirror with a clothes peg!

Head on over to The Scrap Shoppe to get all the details!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Posts

Hey guys! Thought I would let you know about the new blog posts I have decided to do! There is a topic for every day of the week, Monday thru Friday and I will try my best to post every day! (Do you think that is too much? We will see!) So it will look like this:

Monday : Make it Monday: I will DIY a craft or project every week and show you guys how it turned out here!
Tuesday's Tip: I will fill you guys in on some useful hints and tricks that I have found! (and some of them make you say "huh!")
Wordless Wednesday: I will be posting a picture (or pictures) of something about ME. Something around the house, the animals, what we did on the weekend etc etc! But don't expect to see one of Michael, he doesn't like his picture on here too much!
Thursday's To-Do List: This is where I will post projects I would like to do! And the plan is to do them before Monday, so I can show you guys how they turned out!
Friday Favourites: And on Friday Favourites I will post about something I love! It might be a store, a website, another blog, or any items that I love and I will include some pictures to go along with it! 
So, what do you think? Do you think I am crazy and that is too much posting? Do you think having a schedule is kinda forcing me to blog? We will have to see how it goes! All I know is that there is a lot of stuff I would love to share with you guys and I never end up doing it! So I will see how this schedule works out! See if it is too much! And I would love to hear your thoughts as well! Don't be shy!

Make it Monday : New Corkboard

Hey guys!
I found some cork tiles at the dollarstore!

(3 tiles to a pack)  I bought 2. I already had an idea of what I wanted to do with them...cover them with cool material. I have a ton of old, vintage, floral material from a lady at school.

This is so easy! Lay down your cork on top of a piece of material and glue!

I used little finishing nails, and nailed it into the wall, alternating patterns.

What do you think? I also added a piece of the banner my cousin made me from the shower
So now I have a nice easy way to organize all my ideas and magazine clippings!

I am going to link up to the following parties

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Magazines Galore!

Are you guys like me and have a zillion magazines? I love magazines. I love going into a store and looking at all the glossy covers with the pretty pictures of homes, organization ideas and gardens!! I subscribe to a lot of them too and love getting them in the mail. There is only one problem. Where do you put them all?! Some of them I do cut up and organize into my decorating/inspiration binders (which I don't think I've shown you), but some of them I refuse to cut up, at least for a while ie: Country Living Magazine. I love that one. Also Vegetarian Times! Anyway, I have a ton of magazines just lying around and decided to look for some solutions.

Ikea has a few cute ones.
I really like this rattan magazine rack. I think it would look cute next to the couch or upstairs in my reading nook (which I haven't shown you either)
Also I like the fact that these magazine files are steel.

And lastly I thought this magazine rack might look cool on the wall in my craft room
Walmart has this magazine rack but it seems a little too modern for me.

these are pretty cool from Pottery Barn of course
and I could always make my own with old brackets! (love this!)

I could always make some diy magazine boxes like the ones found HERE.

That would be the thrifty thing to do! We will have to see!

How do you store your magazines at home and do you have any other ideas for magazine storage? I would love to hear them!