Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap

Hey guys! It has been a while! How was everyone's Valentine's Day?! I realized I never posted pictures of the house..and it was all decked out in red and pink glitter! Here are some pics from this years Valentine's day decor!
I just had to throw this one of Nelson in there too..

Yummy candies in a vase...let me tell didn't look that full by Valentine's Day :)
 I picked up some pink place mats at the dollar store
 I also made my own Valentine's this year...I made this for my sister and cousin! (They love owls!)
I made tags for the flowers I gave out to our parents
I also made these for the kids at school. I found the idea on PINTEREST and printed out the cards HERE
 I also attached these! I saw them in the grocery store for $1.50 each and just made my own!
I also made cookies and gave a cookie and one of the marshmellows to the people I work with at school in these cute paper bags!
For Michael, I made a cute love bird card...
and found these cute credit type cards at the dollarstore...
One is for a movie night on me, dinner and dessert on me and a weekend to do all the chores he wants me to do hahah. I also got him some chocolates, and a box of lucky charms...that said He was my lucky charm! :)
He made me this awesome card with he sweetest message inside..
I also came home to this......
He made caesar salad and pita pizzas..and made the pitas heart shape!! So nice!
 And he got me beautiful roses!
I made him take a picture with me to remember the special day. I don't look the best because I had to work all day and then went to my second job after that.

It was an amazing Valentine's Day! Thanks Michael! xo

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