Monday, March 5, 2012

Make it Monday : Painted Placemats

Here is a quick, simple project with great results! Start by getting 4 cheap, fabric place mats. Mine were from the dollar store
 Grab your masking tape and start taping stripes, using the width of the tape. I used the same piece of tape to measure the I wouldn't end up throwing out a bunch of tape.
 remove this one, and place it beside the last piece.
 when you are done you want to rub your nail along the sides of the no paint will sneak under!
 and then you paint!

 let dry
 and peel!
Voila!! New painted place mats!
At first I didn't like that place mat was a champagne colour and the plates were white and was considering painting the champagne white...but then I ended up liking them!

I love how they turned out!!!

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  1. Pics are great! I watched them with great delight, thank you