Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hey guys!!

How is everyone!? I know, I know..I have disappeared off the face of the planet!! I've been a bad blogger! But I have a good reason! I am going to let you know sometime this week, hopefully!! You will just have to wait and see!!!

So..what has everyone been up to!? I've been reading, hanging out with friends and family, cleaning up outside and getting all the summer stuff out...just stuff like that...Oh, and sitting by the pond with my husband and our Sadie girl!!! The weather has been beautiful so I have been outside every chance I get!!

I haven't crafted, painted, or blogged. I have just relaxed.
I'm sure blogging will become a regular thing again soon though, so don't worry!
I think the blog needs a spring makeover too! What do you think?!

Well, sorry it took so long for me to check will hear from me very soon!
(I promise)


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