Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby DIY #2 : Nursery Art

You all know by now I am THRIFTY! I like to save money wherever I can, so if that means making a few things along the way I am willing to try! This was my first attempt at baby art. I was checking out Etsy..and although they are lovely, a lot of the prints are expensive. I have this vision of 3 white frames above the crib and already bought the frames. Some print sets were $60 for 3! I thought I would first try making some and see how it goes!!!

This project was free for me, since I had all the paper and supplies on hand. The frames were the only cost to me at $12 each! I thought I would attempt an owl for my first try.

 I found a free owl template online and cut out all my shapes. Do you like where I am working!? haha since putting down my craft table I have no where to craft. I could have gone to the kitchen table but all my supplies are here, so I thought I would sit on the floor! 

I picked cute paper in aqua, green and yellow colours.
 And glued them all on. The original template didn't have a belly but I thought it would be cute if I added one.
 I didn't want to attempt cutting out the little black dots for the eyes so I used the middle stickers in the letter "B" on my sticker sheet
Then I glued the entire owl on leftover card stock from the wedding.
 and put it in the frame
What do you think?

After I made that, I made a tree with leaves in the same colour paper.  
Sorry this is a cellphone pic...I never took one with my real camera.

I wasn't in love with the tree so I thought I would make another owl, but with different coloured paper. Here's how it turned out:
 Here is how the 3 would look above the crib:
 again, a bad cellphone picture

I was looking online and Pinterest for owl crafts and art and found the quote:
"Grow wise little owl"

I thought I should attempt some art with this quote because I wasn't in love with the is how it turned out:
I printed the quote on scrapbook paper with an outlined font...and cut the letters out and glued them on!
I fell in love. I like it better then the tree for sure. The tree was ok, but the quote is so cute!

So here is my free (excpet for the frames) nursery art for above the crib!! (in the nursery!)
 What do you think?!
They are in no way perfect, completely straight or even...but I like them. I think they turned out pretty cute!



  1. Super cute project. I liked the tree, but the quote is a lot cuter.

  2. Can you post the links to the templates? I LOVE the owl and tree!

    1. Thank you!
      Here is the link to the owl template.

      Here is the link to the tree template!

      Sorry I didn't include them in the post before!

  3. Oh my! Those are soooo cute! I love the tree! I've been searching for ideas for my baby room as well

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun making them! I hope you aren't becoming over whelmed with baby ideas like I was!!! lol

  4. Thanks you are vey nice in posting your art,
    I am looking for something similar for my baby's wall.
    one question, what size are your frame and what size is the inside area for the image? thank you