Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baby DIY #7 : Cute Fabric Drawers

Remember when I showed you the fabric drawers in the nursery?! 

I thought they were a little plain! I wanted to add something to them...numbers came to mind.

  1. I found some number templates on line and printed them out
  2. I ironed on some interfacing to make the fabric more sturdy. (I love that iron on interfacing!) 
  3.  I traced the numbers on my fabric(backwards of course) This is the same fabric I used for the curtains and the hoops!
  4.  I then sewed along the edges.
  5.  I attached them to the fabric drawers with a bit of hot glue
 What do you think?! I am in love. The drawers are now not so plain and boring, and the numbers add a cute touch I think!