Friday, September 7, 2012

The Plan for Fall...2012

So, it is September. I still can't believe it. September means back to work for me but it also means a change in season. It changes to my FAVOURITE season.....FALL. I love fall. I love the cool weather, the smells, all the pumpkin baking, Thanksgiving, decorating outside and inside and so on. Mike and I tend to do a lot together in the fall as well, maybe that is why I love it so much. We also got engaged and married in the fall! (We are coming up on a year! Can you believe it!?)

Here is my fall mantel from last year:
 I am not sure if I want to change it up completely or just change a few things. I guess it will depend on my energy level!  Here are a few things I found on Pinterest that I want to attempt this fall:
 I thought this wreath on the table was pretty cute. I think I can recreate that!
 some sort of a leaf pillow would look nice in the living room!
I thought this would be cute if I made a leaf banner. The leaves are made of newspaper

I found this free printable that I think would look nice on the mantel

I also found this cute fall printable bucket list. I think I am going to print it off. There are a few on there I know we wouldn't do (like go to a football game) but we do most of these things every fall! :)
 I would also like to try to make these yummy things:

And I will have to make these acorn doughnut holes again...they were a hit last fall! (and super easy)

I am definitely looking forward to fall! I am just curious how many of these things I will do/make since I will be pretty pregnant...I guess we will see!    :)



  1. Great ideas. I love the newspaper leaves,so interesting. Oh yea and I made the pumpkin whoopie pies and they were a huge hit. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Thank you for letting me know the recipe was a good one! :) It is always hard trying new thanks! :)