Monday, October 22, 2012

My DIY "Baby Briefcase"

One day while shopping with my (also pregnant) cousin Chrissy we found this thing called The Baby Briefcase! It was pretty cool. It was basically a file folder with different tabs where you could store paperwork and lots of other important info. We both thought it would be a good thing to have! Then I saw the price. $24.99. After researching it I found out that was a good price for the briefcase because on the actual site they were selling it for $29.99. But you know me, you know I am thrifty and I thought I could make it for less and I did!

I went to Staples....right to the Martha Stewart Line. If you haven't seen this section before you will be amazed! Or maybe that is just me because I am a dork and I love her....but anyway, she has lots of beautiful things there...I always go in and want one of everything! I grabbed a cute turquoise file folder and some stuff to add to it.

The file folder is an accordion style, but can stand up on it's own! It has 13 tabs
On the outside of the baby briefcase it has a spot for their name and pictures so I grabbed these:
A package of sticky, plastic pockets I will insert a picture in....also sticky, metal bookplates I will write our babies name in when we know it! :)

So here is what it looks like now...just waiting for a baby picture and is not crooked in real life I swear!
I didn't fill out all the sections but I did a few. I added sections like : hospital paper work, immunization records and manuals/receipts/warranty. I like that I can change these or add new ones at any time!
I love how it turned out. I am thinking of getting a matching one and keep it tucked away for school! I know that is a far way away but I would love them to match! There is a section for each grade (including high school)...for report cards, class photos and more!

It was less then the baby briefcase, but not by too much. With tax it came to $21.44 but I have 5 leftover bookplates and pockets. I like that I did it myself as well...that adds a special touch! And if I make one for school...I will only need the file folder which was $9.99! I am very happy with how it turned out!

Now it is time to have this baby! Less then a month until the due date!!! I am 36 weeks this week and starting to get a little nervous.....