Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentine's Day! A Recap!

Our Valentine's day was great! It was busy, but great!
It all started off with heart shaped pancakes
Then we made and iced cupcakes
Painted some heart shaped nails (the thumbs at least...the rest were plain gold!)
Then we visited Adalyn's friend (who was in the picture with her with the Valentine's Day onesies!) After that fun visit we visited Gramma M. (who gave Adalyn a sweet gift)

We came home and gave Adalyn her gift from us
 She is loving books right now!

We exchanged our gifts as well. Do you see the jar of kisses?! Michael's "STACHE" hahahahahaha
I made a yummy drink called a  Sailor Sweetheart found HERE
Then Gramma P came over for a visit to give Adalyn a sweet gift! (she is very spoiled)
We also got Aunt Shan's card in the mail and one from Aunt Jaclyn too! 
Then made pizza for dinner and cut out the pepperoni for Mike's pizza into hearts! (If you can see them!)
It was a great day! It was very fun for Adalyn's first Valentine's Day! She was very tired and went to bed a little early. I think she is going to sleep well tonight!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day too~!


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