Friday, March 8, 2013

Project Life

Hi! Have you heard of Project Life!? I'm sure most of you have! I found out about it online and fell in love. Then I ordered some supplies! It "easy" scrapbooking! I say easy because you don't have to cut a single thing! How awesome is that!? Here is the idea:

You order a album, photo pages and a core kit!
And then you literally print out your photos, place them in the sleeve and journal! It is so easy and addicting! (I ordered the baby kit for Adalyn and the amber kit for our every day!) I am also loving the new kits that are coming in June! Lovelovelove the midnight one!

Here is the baby kit
 Each month there are cards to fill out... like age, weight and favourites! With a monthly number card!

Here is the Amber kit
 For our every day life book I am doing a page per week. I have then added some baseball card insert sheets for all my journaling! There are TONS of free filler cards for different occasions and just every day quotes! You can find some on my Pinterest Page under Project Life!

Here are some example pages other people have done (from the Project Life website):
pages by Elana Geyrozaga
  pages by Marianne Grasso

I love the fact that you actually print out all the pictures you take, instead of keeping them on the computer! The only issue with Project Life is that the shipping is insane to Canada! It would be a good idea to share the shipping cost with a friend if you can!

I am thinking of adding my project life page every week...what do you think about that!? It would give me motivation to keep up with it and I could show you what we did each week! I will see how it goes! I am still working on catching up our weekly one! I will show you some from Adalyn's book soon! It is all caught up!


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  1. Ashley, there is a blog that I've been following called Dearest Someday who sells really pretty nature kits for Project Life.

    She also puts up her own Project Life pages. Thought you might like to see it, for inspiration!