Monday, March 4, 2013

Soothies Clips

I found some cute soother clips online but thought I would give it a try making them first. I am glad I did! They are super easy and you can make them in any ribbon! The possibilities are endless! hahahah I went to the fabric store for ribbon instead of the dollar store. I thought better quality would be better. I was glad I did!

Here is what you need:
(and also a thin ribbon to hold the soothie on!)

I attached the clip part first...make sure you fold your ribbon so you don't get any frayed ends! Just sew right across
 For the other end cut a tiny hole in the fabric like so...don't mind my dry hands!
 Loop your ribbon through the hole (making sure the loop is out and the ends will be on the inside.
Pin it down and sew! (I used my zig zag scissors so the end of the ribbon wouldn't fray!)
put the ribbon through the hole of the soothie
 and pull the strap through the loop.
There you go, super easy!!! Mine turned out really well....Next time I would fold the ribbon in half so there wasn't a "blank" side of the ribbon. It flips all the time and you don't see the animal print! That would be the only changes I would make! They are super cute!


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