Monday, May 13, 2013

6 Month Favourites

I know I say this every month but where has the time gone?! My sweet Adalyn is already six months old. It seems like yesterday she was a little newborn who loved to cuddle. Now I am lucky is she sleeps on me at all! (I miss those sleepy cuddles) She is very busy, wants to move so badly and gets bored now. I am still loving every minute though!

6 month stats:

* She LOVES cereal. She has had it a month and still cries when it is all gone! We started actual veggies last week and she loves them as well! Also cookies! hahah She just loves to eat!!
* She is sleeping in the day like she did when she was born. I don't know if it is growth spurt or the fact that she is so busy now, but she is sleeping a lot more in the day!
* She wants to GO! While sitting she puts her feet on the ground and pushes herself up to stand...and has done a few face plants! Also, if we have her hands and stand her in front of her toys she will walk over to what she wants!
* She has two little teeth that have started to pop up!! 
* She gets very frustrated when she can't destroy things, like tags. She pulls and pulls and screams when she can't get it off! (also flyers!)
* She is starting to cry when she is left alone, even if she is busy playing.
* She is so smart and strong......sweet and beautiful! I love her so much!!

Here are a few of our six month favourites:


1. This is Addy's favourite toy right now. It is so cute to see her play the bongos! She hits them pretty hard!
2. These spoons were given to us and are just perfect. The spoon part is soft so it won't hurt Addy and the handles are nice and long!
3. I didn't get her Amber necklace from this source but it looks exactly the same. I bought it at the local baby store in town! Not only is it pretty, it helps with teething!
4. Mama beads: These are beads I wear and Addy can chew on them! I thought they were pretty cool and got them at the Baby Show not too long ago!
5. Love this little guy. It is the cutest teething toy. Addy likes it best when it is wet!!!
6. We love these bibs for feeding! just throw right in the sink and wash. So easy!

I wonder what she will be doing at seven months....


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