Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zachary's baptism

Hey guys!! I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather! It was nice, then was cold again and it is starting to warm up again thank goodness! We have been enjoying our daily walks, baby classes and lots of playing and moving! Adalyn is so close to crawling....she gets closer and closer every day! Look!

I haven't done too much crafting lately. I did do some stuff for my cousin's son's baptism though! She asked me if I could help her make shirts for the baby, godmother and godfather! We had a fun afternoon making them! We used the freezer paper stencil method (of course) and went to down. Here are the finished shirts:
 and here is the baby (Zachary) and godmother (Melissa) wearing them!
It was hard to see the black paint on the dark blue unfortunately. We should have done white!

I thought I would also make one of my favourite pins on pinterest as well. If I had a boy he would be rocking bow ties. More baby boys should be wearing them! Anyway, I made some cute bow ties and attached snaps. I then attached the bottom part of the snap to onesies...

I thought they turned out super cute!!! It was a great day! We are so happy for baby Zachary!!!


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