Friday, June 28, 2013

Father's Day!

How was everyone's Father's Day a few weeks ago? We had a great one over here!

On Sunday Adalyn and I made a big breakfast for Daddy! Pancakes, and bacon were on the menu! We then gave him his was all beer related of course..except for the mug that I made a few weeks ago at our pottery painting class with our baby group. He loved it all!

I found crackers made with beer, beer flavoured chips and a cool  antler bottle opener. I  also framed this cute picture I took of our little monkey:

It is hard to get some good pictures now...she is moving constantly but I thought these turned out cute!

I also made some Father's Day art with my friend Amanda and our babies! Can you see the white frame in the back? Adalyn made that!! With a little help from me of course!

We took our cardstock and some stickers..and spelled out "DADDY" with the stickers. Then we put them in large freezer bags with some globs of paint..and let the babies push the paint around!
 They used their feet too! :) cute is he!?!?
 Our finished master pieces!!! I have one hanging in the playroom too!! When the paint dried we took the stickers off and traced around the letters with black marker!
 Of course we had some time to play too!!! They are getting so big!
 We love our craft days with Amanda and Benjamin!!!

We also love Daddy!  Hope you had a great first Father's Day babe!

Ashley (and Adalyn)

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