Friday, September 13, 2013

10 months Favourites!

Well, my sweet baby is 10 months old today. I can't believe it! she is so sweet and funny..she makes us laugh every single day.  Here she is:

I could only get one picture in the bean bag chair..I think those days where I can get her to sit still are over. We had to go outside so I could get some good pics.

Here are some 10 month stats:

* She is now walking. EVERYWHERE. She doesn't really crawl anymore. She tries to squirm out of her car seat and ends up throwing up all the time, she screams when she is in the stroller. It is lots of fun!! ha She just doesn't want to be tied down..she wants to walk, walk, walk. She ended up walking in her ninth month, just like me!
* She has started to show no interest in her bottles. The morning and night ones are no problem but during the day she could care less. I don't know if it is because she would rather be walking or she would just rather real food. I just wish she ate a little more real food! She loves broccoli!
* She still has her little temper, I don't think that is going away anytime soon!
* She is still sleeping pretty much the same but her morning nap is starting to get shorter..the afternoon nap I have to wake her up!
* She loves to play on the couch, on pillows and can get off the couch no problem. She slides off on her belly. That's old news though. I think she was doing that last month.
* She loves to push her tricycle around. And ride it too!
* She loves our cats, loves to chase them. She says "at" for cat. Super cute. She loves Sadie, books, pulling hair, walking, pulling the books off the bookcase and any cell phone.

Here are a few of our favourites right now:


1- Addy loves this trike! One of her Gramma's friends from work gave it to her! She loves to push it around...and loves to ride it! Can't wait until she can ride it on her own!
2 - She was kind of over the know, she's a big girl now...but we found cheddar flavour and she loves them!!
3 - She loves the Mega Blocks! These were also given to her Gramma from the same friend. She doesn't build with them just yet but loves to empty the bag!
4 -I got this chunky puzzle with my Pampers rewards points! She loves to take the pieces out and play with them!
5 -I think Mommy loves these boots more then Adalyn. They are from Joe Fresh and are super cute. They are perfect for my little walking girl!
6 - At the last baby group we went to with our friends there were kids eating these there. I thought I would give it a try and Addy loves them! She just takes cute little bites. The best part is they have veggies in them too!

She is getting so big, and we are starting to transition her into daycare next month :( You know what that mean...I'm going back to work soon....


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