Thursday, October 17, 2013

A couple Halloween activities....

This week I set up a little bit of water play for Adalyn. I filled the box we used for corn meal play with water, added a little food colouring and some scary Halloween creatures. Here is what we had in it:
 And here is the little miss exploring:
She only kept the flower in her hair for one picture!!
The eyeballs were her favourite!
This one just creeps me out!
Overall it was a fun activity..and kept her entertained for a little! Any chance to talk about Halloween with her is good with me!!

We also made another contact paper craft! This one ended up being super cute!!!

I stuck the contact paper down and gave her orange paper squares. She stuck them down, then started trying to get them all off again!
 (My poor baby is sick.)

I then added a little face out of black cardstock, stuck the other piece of contact paper on top and cut out the shape of a pumpkin.
 I forgot to add the stem in between the two pieces of contact paper so I stuck it on the back.

Here is her finished product. What do you think?!
I added it to our gallery wall, of course!

I love how the pumpkin turned out! Addy does too...she says pumpkin constantly when she is in the playroom! :)