Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine Day Presents!

I love ALL occasions. I'm sure you all know this about me already. I love to celebrate for the kids, and make it fun! Fun food, decor and maybe a few presents too!! I knew I would be busy with a new baby at the beginning of February so I ordered Adalyn and Wyatt's Valentines gifts this month! (Not knowing if Wyatt was a girl or boy of course!) I ordered everything from Etsy, except the books which I got off Amazon!

Here is a look at Wyatt's Valentine's Day Gifts:


1- I got this cute "love bug" car. I thought it was sweet. Also made in Canada which is a bonus!
2- I had to get a slouchy beanie for the new babe! I got black because it is gender neutral! Also made in Canada!
3- It was hard to find leg warmers that would work for a girl or a boy! I think these are the perfect fit though! These also came from Canada!
4- I had to get the baby a "First holiday book".  I got one for Adalyn each holiday and wrote a special message inside! Wyatt will get a book each holiday as well!
5- I also had to get this cute teether/rattle. Also made in Canada! I could have personalized it but didn't know if we were having a girl or boy so I stuck with "LOVE"

Here is what I got Adalyn:


1- I had to get Addy Pete the Cat Valentine's Day book! She loves Pete and we have like six already!
2- I totally could have made this button snake myself but didn't think I would have the time! I love the hearts. I think Adalyn will like it too!
3- I got Addy a cute little personalized bracelet! Aren't they sweet?!
4- I also got her an "I Spy" bag. I'm not sure if she will actually look for the items yet, but we will see!

I will also get her some little treat as can't NOT get chocolate on Valentine's Day!

Looking forward to showing you our decorations, crafts and baking we are planning on doing! I just love the holidays!!


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