Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Mantle.

Well I was looking through my inspiration book and decided I wanted to change up my fake mantle. Yes, fake. hahahah. This is what it looked like when my friend gave it to me

and look at the wallpaper! haha you should have seen my house. I will have to post before and afters at some point in time. Lots and lots of wallpaper! hahahaha Anyway, I painted it up and lived with it this way for 2 years

And then I decided, it needed to be painted! hahaha so white (of course) was the colour I chose. I am obsessed with everything white at the moment! hahah so here it was all painted

I put all the stuff back and I love it! I really do want to change what is on the mantle, maybe leaning the mirror on it, instead of on the wall...but for now, it looks good to me.

Yesterday was the shopping trip, which wasnt as successful as I thought it would be. I picked up a few little things, but nothing major! Today however, I found this beautiful coatrack for $5!!!

Love it! I have wanted one forever to go by the front door! I was actually going to buy one yesterday for $10 it was metal and lame, and I was going to paint it. I am so glad I didnt get it, because I love this!!!

I also picked up a huge spoon, for the wall in the kitchen, that bow, a few decorating books, some ribbon and a really cool frame I am going to paint! It was a great day, and it was just in my hometown, and not an hour away! I love when that happens!


  1. where do you look/find all the thrifty things? in stores? or what? we should go out sometime together! i REALLY need to start to make mine and marks place into a nifty place with decorations and whatnot.

  2. Love the white fireplace. :)

  3. Oh wow!! The fireplace looks so much better! Who would have thought it would make that big of a difference? Awesome.

  4. Thanks guys! I know, I dont know why I didnt paint it white from the beginning!!

    And Aries, of course I will go out with you. We go to Paws and Claws and another new place called "garage sale" in shelburne...and the two in oville on broadway. We did take a trip down to brampton (that was the best day) and wednesday we went to Newmarket! We go all over! hahahha Let me know when you want to go! :)

  5. Love the mantel makeover. And I love, love, love your new/old coat rack. I want one now. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  6. Nice mantle, Mantle.