Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dry Erase Boards

Well, I havent posted in a while because I have been super busy! I went back to work for starters and just havent been at home much! I have been working at my part time job, got the car fixed yesterday ($700.75 ) Got together with family...busybusybusy and no time to thrift or craft!

I did however make gifts for km and ts, before they went back to school! I made dry erase boards for their doors!

I used frames, pretty paper for in the frame, and wood bow details. I think they turned out pretty good!
Girls: I am going to miss you like crazy, but don't worry! we will get together! (well, we better!)
Also after I get off my butt here, I plan on finishing the painting of the screen door. I ran out of paint monday I think, and haven't got around to finishing! hahahah So hopefully that will get done today. Oh, so many things to do................Glad it's a long weekend!


  1. So you just write on the glass then? Is that right? What a cool idea!! :)

  2. yea! it comes right off. They are so easy to make! I think bigger ones would be cool, but they are just for their doors!

  3. Great idea! I need one for my classroom now!