Sunday, September 6, 2009

Screen door

Well Here is a picture of my porch from this summer. The only thing I hated was the whitewhitewhite screen door. It just didnt seem to fit. I seemed to pop right out, and it was chipped and in bad shape. I wasnt really working this summer so I didnt want to put the money out for a new door, so I decided to paint it! I was stuck between brown and black, and chose brown. Brown is the main colour all around the house. We have brown eavestrough awning, some trim etc. The main door is brown also. I didnt know how I would feel about that either, because they wouldnt be the same brown, but I went for it anyway! :)
I taped and put newspaper over the glass and sprayed away!
 I took the paper and tape off and realized some of the paper wasnt stuck completly down and I had paint spray alllllllll overrr the glass! ahhh. I was freaking out because I couldnt scrape it off and told Michael we needed to buy a new door because I wrecked the other one. I decided to check google and see if there were any home remedies for my problem. There were many but I didnt have them all on hand. So I tried one of the last ones, nail polish remover! And it WORKED! Everyone should keep that in mind! It came off soo easily! (I am still learning with the whole spray paint thing obviously.)
I am happy with the outcome! It looks like a while new door! Now I am thinking however I should have painted it black. So this just might be the primer for the new black paint! hahahahahahha While I was waiting for that to dry I decided to paint something else on the main door.
I was going to use white, but I thought that might stand out too much. I went with a nice gold colour. I love it, except for the "o" I think it is too curly or something. hahahahah Everyone in blogland seems to be painting their house number on their door which I love, but we dont have one. We have an emergency number because we are out in the country and I thought having 6 numbers across the door might look a little silly.I love this just as much though.


  1. LOVE the screen door transformation! I think the brown looks really nice!

  2. Thanks! Do you think brown rather then black?

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