Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Tiny Tables

Well last week at work Judy (an EA I work with) pulled up beside me in the parking lot and asked if I wanted 2 of these tables:

(She said she was just going to throw them out) Of course I said yes! I couldn't resist! After contemplating painting them black, white or painting the top and staining the bottom, I picked black. So I painted them and went to bed. The next morning I was all ready to put them in the living room and take some pictures but when I went to go get them there were little paw prints all over them! HAZEL! hahaha. So I re-painted the tops and put them in the living room

I am planning on getting lamps for them! Anyway, I thought they looked pretty good but I thought I should get some sandpaper and sand the edges.

 I have never done this before but I think they turned out pretty good.
Now they sit on either side of my really embarrassing couch. There is a reason you havent seen the entire living room! hahahah (We are planning on getting new furniture pretty soon. It is either get rid of Hazel or get her de-clawed. She has destroyed the two couches we have. So getting her declawed wins even though I think it is kind of sad and cruel.)

Anyway! What do you think?! Thanks again Judy! I love them!


  1. Wow! I can't believe you got those for free! I love the shape of them and how you've distressed them - they're perfect!

  2. love the tables, the black looks great! i often pair black furniture with cream or white upholstery or throws.
    i have not gotten up my nerve to try distressing yet...scared i will take it too far...your tables came out just perfect! xo

  3. They look lovely.

    p.s. I support the new couch idea, because that obviously means more sleepovers.

  4. These look amazing now! I love how big a difference paint makes :)

  5. I love them! Those are exactly what I have been looking for in my house! Right now, we have these iron/glass ones that are nice, but don't match the style of my house. I can't wait until I can find some like yours!

  6. You can get these little caps especially to put over cats claws to stop them scratching things. I don't know what they're called but try those first?