Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh you know...

I haven't blogged in a while. I have been so...hmm...overwhelmed? Not even over anything really important. I just decided I wanted to do a few things, like

1. paint my new craft room. I am slowly taking over the downstairs. yoga/workout room and now craft room.
2. make all the invitations for our family get together. I made them last year, I just think they are more personal. I wanted them done to send out today, but no. Our party is December 6th btw,  for all my family followers! ♥ ( but you will hopefully get your invitation soon)
3. paint a mirror I bought, hang some stuff, make a christmas wreath and get rid of some of the stuff collecting dust I got thrifting. And by get rid of I mean paint, hang and put somewhere in the house.
4. Majorly clean the closet room. I still have all the summer stuff out and none of the winter. Also I wanted to create a thrift box with shoes, purses, books and clothes I no longer need!

None of this happened this weekend.

I am however working on something new for the house with Louise from work. It involves this:

which is totally out of element for me, but I am excited to try something new! Who would have ever thought I would have animal print in the house? not me, but I love it. I cant live with solid material forever!

p.s I am soooo excited for Christmas! It is coming up sooner then you think! I can't wait to get Hazel in her Christmas sweater, and to take her picture! Look at her face. She was miserable. hahahahahhahahahah

I guess I am pretty mean? haha owell.

Hopefully I will post my new project soon. But I won't freak if I don't!!!


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  1. Hilarious picture of you cat!! I know what you mean about being too busy to blog!! BOO! I don't know where people find the time!