Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks K, and Aunt Li!

Well, my sister made this new header for me! She didn't think I would really make the other one my header. And then she said my head looked squished and stuff, so she made this one instead! Thanks K! I love it!

So, I am cleaning up and getting the new craft room oragnaized. I am trying to get rid of clutter and have even made a big box up for goodwill. Anyway...

I had this table. I originally got it to scrapbook but soon found out it wasn't big enough. I forget how much it was.

I painted the top, and used the fabric aunt Li gave me to make a little skirt. (with velcro)

(sorry about the wrinkles, I don't have an iron! I bet some of you are gasping in your chairs) 

So now I can hide all my stuff behind a curtain

Anyway I am very happy with it. I might even add some brown ribbon along the top!
(and unfortunately the carpet has to stay!)

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  1. cute idea and love the fabric.


    barbara jean

  2. i love the new header! and that table is a very cute idea!