Thursday, December 3, 2009

My lovely frames!

It all started at Ikea. I found these wood frames you make, and attach fabric to make art for your walls.

I think they were $5 each! (after I made them I realized I could make them for waaaay cheaper! hahah that always seems to happen!)

Anyway, mom and dad helped hang them on the wall going up the stairs. I couldnt decide on a fabric I liked so I left them there for a while. I ended up liking the empty frames! I decided to paint them white and sanded down the edges...then I decided to get frames to go you think I could find perfectly square frames?! It was very hard, but I finally got some at walmart (after they had a rollback) They are actually shadow boxes.

Every picture I took they looked all wonky! They look better in real life, I swear!!

Anyway, I am happy with them and am thinking of adding stuff around them...we will see!

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