Sunday, January 10, 2010

The New Addition

There is a new face in our house. He is cute, fluffy and white. His name is Harrison

We adpoted Harrison from the Shelter in town yesterday. We were thinking of getting another cat and fell in love with him once we saw him. He is 3 months old.

Hazel is not very happy with us. She hisses at him, and us. She also scratched me today. I wonder how long this will last? Probably not for long, seeing as Harrison is not really much smaller then Hazel and Hazel is 2 and a half. She is the size of about an 8 month old cat. She is weirdly small!

Ben is very excited around him, and also jealous he is getting all the attention. We still have to make sure he wont eat him!

All I know is that he is the cutest little fluff ball I have ever seen! (and he enjoys watching super mario bros for the wii!)

We are in love!


  1. what a cutie pie!!! kudos for adopting from a shelter! The other cat is hissing at the new addition because cats are territorial and she's worried she's being replaced. We kept our new kitty in a separate room from our other cat for a week, letting them see each other for a couple minutes at a time before letting them be around each other all the time. I hope they adapt soon :-)

  2. Sooo sweet. We adopted a Maine Coon just before Xmas! He is still adjusting, but again he is 7 yrs old and I'm sure he was set in his ways. Good luck!

  3. Aww what a sweetie. I just love cats and kittens. Especially the white ones. Something about those white little fur balls get me everytime.

  4. Awww! He is super cute- you can never have to many pets!

  5. I am so pleased that you decided to name him Harrison. I do not care what you say- he is named after Harrison Ford (a.k.a. your future brother-in-law). Deal with it.