Thursday, January 7, 2010


 Well, it has been a long and crazy week back at work. I picked up an extra shift at Rachel's and that just seems to make things a little more crazy! (and me a little more tired!!)

Like my old pup!!

I have been working on the bedroom and it is practically done. I just need to fill the frames with some pictures. That is all. Everything else is done and it looks great! Hopefully I will get this done this weekend and will get to show you guys!!

As for the new years resolutions, they aren't going so good. hah. I don't think I shared them with you guys.

1. Keep the house tidy. I have a really bad habit of getting something out, and then doing something else and not putting anything away. badbadbadbad. This week it has been better, but not as good as I thought.
2. Eat healthy, whole foods. Again, this has been better, but there is definitely room for improvement.
3. Organize/get rid of stuff I don't need anymore: I haven't even started! ah.
4. Workout: I haven't even started! And there is always an excuse why!

I am hoping this weekend/next week will  be better!!
I am just looking forward to my birthday next week and the mini trip away to Niagra Falls! Wahoo. That will definitely keep me going!


  1. Good luck with the resolutions and Happy Birthday!


  2. I'm totally with you on #1! I let cleaning go when college starts back up...and that makes stress worse! I sleep so much better when my stuff is clean. :)

  3. HI Ashley, You won a bag from DaySpring at Nesting Place! Yippie! I announce all the winners with a link tomorrow but I wanted to let you know and ask you to pop over to Nesting Place if you get a chance, at the bottom of tomorrow's post I'll announce you and the other winners and then link to the two bags you get to choose from.

    email me once you pick your bag at nestergirl at gmail dot com