Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little late with Organizing

So I am a little late with organizing! January is known for organizing and sorting things out. I am a little behind, but better late then never right?! ha

It all started with this cupboard. I opened it, and stuff was falling out all over the counter! Ah. I was so ticked off. 
So I headed to the dollarstore for some baskets. (and was very excited to organize it) and now it looks like this
So much better! I don't know why it took me that long to organize this cupboard!!! That didn't stop me though! When I was cleaning the craft room I noticed these boxes
They look nice and organized but it was a different story when you opened them!
Stuff was just shoved in! So again I headed to the dollarstore and got 6 little boxes and labels and went to town
Now everything has a spot and the bigger boxes are empty!!
I was brushing my teeth and my bathroom drawer is the worst.
Oh man! Stuff was all over the place, jewellry was tied together. It was awful!
You know what I am going to say now....I went to the dollarstore...hah

I feel so much better with this all organized. Also, I have another organizing tip. I bought one of these baskets:
And keep all the stuff I need in it. I keep all my makeup in my makeup bag, so I can just store this right under the sink. Or if I am going away I can just grab the makeup bag out of the basket. It is great!

 Now I am on the lookout around the house to see where else I can organize!!!! Does anyone want me to come over and organize anything for them? hahahahah


  1. Very well done - and thank you for mentioning the dollar store. I've been all over town trying to find bins and baskets. I found a ton of them but they were all SO expensive. Off to the Dollar Store I go!

  2. yes! You did an amazing job organizing! We are so thankful for the Dollar Store coming through for us and their very affordable storage!!!

  3. yes please, my house is pure chaos.

  4. Weird...I was just organizing my craft/electronics. And now I'm feeling so much better!

    The dollar store is super addictive for organizers. :)

  5. You're on an organizing roll! Good job on tackling so many areas!