Monday, February 1, 2010

My new table!

I bought myself a treat today. I found this to be very exciting. hahahha I can hear my sister laughing right now and saying..."oh Ashley, you are so old and lame" yea K?! hahahah Anyway I bought a much needed craft table. It was on sale for $25 off the regular price!
I took it out of the package and someone was having fun with all the plastic
Anyway, I brought it over to my craft room and saw this:
A small tornado had gone through the room! hahah All I wanted to do was to switch tables, but I had to clean up first! (which was probably a good thing) So as you can see...that was my small craft table up above. Mini! It is actually a really cute table. I am going to use it as my potting table outside this summer!

So I cleaned up, and put the new table up
The new table is huge!  I put the table cloth back on, because it is not the prettiest table. Does anyone have any solutions to making it look a little nicer? I was thinking of getting (or sewing! yay!) A bigger cover that went down to the floor so I could store stuff under there! I still havent found a spot for all my new treasures.

They are stashed away in the corner.
Anyway, I am in love with this new table. It will definitely come in handy!
No more sewing at the kitchen table, or painting things on the floor!! yay!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Sweet! I love good deals. Gives me a high for the rest of the day!

  2. I neither admit nor deny that.