Monday, March 15, 2010

Craft Room Disaster! haha

I enjoyed a lovely breakfast out today, with my friends and old co-workers from FMX. We talked about Kathryn's new baby coming, Amanda's wedding coming up, and nothing really exciting about me coming up. hahahaha. It was just really nice to see them!!
Amanda And Kat
All of us. hahahah
I dropped Kat off and home, and was planning on doing a little crafting. I walked into the craft room and saw this.
A disaster! hahahahahhahah. Just ridiculous.  I can't seem to keep it clean.
How was I supposed to do any work on this table? Gah!

So, I had to clean up first. hahahaha. Which took a while, and I ended up with 3 grocery bags full of garbage.
Now I can breathe.
Much better
 Does your craft room ever look as bad as mine?


  1. yup!!!! mines unfinished so the piles just keep coming :(

  2. Girl, I would be SHAMED to post a picture of my craft/storage/general junk room!

  3. Mine looks like your before picture most of the time. My husband calls it my crap room LOL!

  4. Mine is always wrecked when I'm using it- when I don't use it it stays clean!

  5. Im with Carrie, but hey, it needs a cleaning because it looks worse than yours.