Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just so many eggs..................

 Have you ever started a project, then realized it will be a lot of work and pushed it off to the side? haha. I have. With these darn Easter eggs. I keep telling myself it would be way faster to just buy them all done. Although it is cheaper this way, they have been sitting there for 2 days...and the wreath is all done (that I am attaching some of the eggs to) hahaha Oh dear. It is my goal to finish them before March Break is over!! Do you think I can do it?
What else is new? Well. I got new glasses and I am completly in love. lovelovelovelove!
I also love the little BIG fluffball I am holding. He is with me all day long. I love it.
Tomorrow is sewing day with G!! I can't wait.
We are maing a purse    I am making a purse and grams is helping me when I need it. It has 3 invisible zippers, so we will see how that goes. You know, since I have never put a zipper in or anything...HAHAHAHAH. Oh dear. Should be fun. Hope you have patience Gramma!!! I love you!

 And day after tomorrow is "Sister time in the Pdot!!" Can't wait!
This March break has been awesome so far!!

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  1. I love the bag - did you use a pattern?? If so which one is it?