Monday, March 22, 2010

My cute new bag

Today was the first day back at work since March break ended. I was exausted! I looked like death. I also now seem to be sick with a cold. I am doing everything I possibly can to feel better before tomorrow. I don't know though.....I don't feel the best. You know, nose running, head feels huge, cold, sneezing. That sort of thing.

So, before March break I had a ton of goals. They were:

1. finish easter eggs I started
2. Get Easter stuff out.
3. Clean closet and organize clothes
4. Organize mantels and shelves
5. detox
6. Breakfast with FMX girls
7. Sewing with Gram
8. See sister away at University

So overall not too bad, right? I didn't really do the crafting stuff I should have. Interesting.

I did sew with gramma!!
We set up everything in the dining room
And went to town

Gram is ironing in the interfacing!

Finished Project! There are pockets in each strap. And on the other side is one side pocket
It is even lined! I love it!

Thanks G!!! oxoxox
I also had a blast when I went to see sister. We didn't take many pictures at all, but we had fun. Basic girlie stuff. Thirfting, shopping, breakfast, movies, etc etc. Sister hardley bought anything! It was great to see you missy! And I will see you soon enough because of Easter! yay!!! loveyou


  1. Cute bag, Ashley! You should be proud. I love the fabric the bag is lined with.

  2. Thank you so much for the visit, A.
    I love you, always.