Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Other New Addition.....

 Since we had to put Hazel down in February Harrison has been really lonely! We have checked out the SPCA every few weeks, looking for the perfect fit for our family. We found him yesterday! He was so affectionate and was purring like crazy so we decided he was the one we were going to bring home!

Harrison was very cautious and curious from the start..
Meet the new little guy. He is 5 months old, and still without a name! hah
Harrison has not done too well with him. Hissing and growling...Hopefully they can become friends. Where ever the new kitty is, Harrison is watching from a distance!
The kitty is very playful...which will be good for Harrison. Harrison is only 8 months, so he is still very playful!
He just loves to sit with us on the couch
 He had a long day yesterday, and was very tired from exploring the big house.
I think he is going to fit in perfectly!! And hopefully he and Harrison will become friends!! I will let you know when we decide on a name!


  1. he is so handsome! I would name him "Ford." LOL

  2. CHUCK/Charles.
    Do it.

  3. I got it George...George, Harrison I love it, you never asked for a name, but we have all decided it is our duty so select one ha!