Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Journey of our Living Room

 A lot has been done to our living room since moving in! Here are a few pics to show you what it looked like when we decided to move in.
Really outdated!!
We moved some of our stuff in, and began taking wallpaper off....which was a very bad idea! The plaster was coming off in chunks..There were layers and layers of wallpaper, and we couldn't get it all off
 We had to putty and sand a lot! It is still really bumpy now, but we don't mind. We are just renting and are not going to live here forever! (There is Hazel as a kitten!! We miss her!)
 Then we primed and painted everything.
 Picked our wall colour.
Put up a fake Mantel. (Do you love that carpet or what?)
And finally got new carpet!! Much, much better.
A few weeks ago, we got rid of our 2 couches and replaced it with mom and dad's couch they gave us. We took the wicker chairs from the corner by the mantel and from the kitchen and put them where the other couch used to be...and now it looks like this.

We love it!
See the wall is still pretty bumpy? Also these are the shelves I told you about...remember my inspiration photos?

I have big plans for this corner too. I am not really in love with this corner!!
And thats it! It has been years of small changes, when we had the money...but we are very happy with how it looks now!!


  1. Beautiful transformation.
    Now, get working on those pictures.

  2. Wow, looks SO much better!! Great transformation.

  3. It is beautiful, bumps and all. the best luck I have had removing wall paper is my full size clothes steamer, poop I bet you wish I was your neighbor so you could borrow it.


  4. i bet your landlord loves you! you did an awesome job! what beautiful transformation!

  5. this is beautiful! I hope your landlord is reimbursing you for all of your hardwork and materials!! You have amazing style, I love it!

  6. WOW! totally gorgeous! you make me want to re-do my living room!