Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Hello everyone! Happy Canada Day!!! Canada is 143 today! I can't wait for fireworks tonight at Mike's parents!! We had them there last year too and had so much fun! Wahoo.
Well, today is my second official day off. Yesterday I was all over the place. I went looking for wood blinds, had lunch with mom, visited with gram, went to the thrift store and antique barn. It was a good day! I got some cute clothes on sale, 3 thrift store clothing items I am going to alter and this cute bird. You know I love birds!! My gram has one like this
Then Mike and I went out for dinner! So, I haven't crafted yet!! ahhh. I have so many things I want to do, so I better get to it! I know I have the whole summer, but let me tell you, it goes WAY too FAST! So, I still haven't painted any frames for the shelves behind the couch
 But I at least know what I am going to put in the frames now. (since Mike said we had too many pictures of us around the house!) I am putting up stuff from our families past. I got a ton of stuff from my mom yesterday- old pictures, my grammas old diploma from 1938, my other gramma's honour certificate from 1945-52 and some other old paperwork from the 30's! I still have to go over to Mike's parents and see if they have any old stuff for me. I think it will look really good!

Also, I think I want to paint my kitchen cupboards now. ahhh it will be a big job, but imagine how nice it will look after?! A nice crisp off white?! oh yes! 
I don't have a recent picture, which is odd but it still looks like that! What do you think?
We will have to see. My summer list is already so big, but I think it would look so nice!

I have my hands full with these kitties let me tell you! They are physically fighting now. I don't think they are hurting eachother, they are not making any noise anyway, but...yes. And running all over the house. Mister still doesn't have a name. I think that is the longest we have gone without naming an animal!! We just can't decide.
Well I better go get busy! I have so much I want to accomplish today. I hope everyone has a happy, relaxing Canada Day! Be safe!! 

P.S- I just want to thank Brenda for the beautiful card in the mail! You didn't have to do that, but it definitely made my day! So thank you! You are such a nice person, I really do miss chatting with you all the time at curves!! I heard you read this blog faithfully so hopefully this is true! I will pop in and visit this summer!!! xoxoxo

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  1. Wow, you've been busy! I need to get more done before college starts up...this weekend should be my workaholic weekend. :)

    I think the kitchen cabinets will look super fabulous white...I remember when I was little my family moved into a house with white cabinets and I was thrilled. Ha! I must have been a
    strange child. :)

    Just read your new kitten post- the new guy is so cute! My Mom has a cat named Smokey thats identical to your new cat a Russian Blue? Because that's what my Mom's cat is and he is a feisty cat!

    Happy Canada Day!