Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Weekend

It was another great weekend! Saturday K, T and I went out thrifting, to some garage sales and out to lunch. I didn't end up coming back with much....
I grabbed this table, a pack of bells, a magazine and a pack of large alphabet stencils. Do you think I should paint the table? Or leave it?!
 Today we went to go see Bruce, and hit up good old Value Village. All I got was this planter with a cute bird on it
and a slip I am going to alter into a skirt!
 We also went to the mall and went to Chapters. I bought myself a big treat....
 So excited to sit down and read it!! All the books previously on sale, were 50% off so I grabbed these 4
 For $2.50 each! (to add to my pottery barn book collection!)
It was a fun weekend! Thanks Tor and Kay! xoxoxo


  1. I always love picking up books and magazines when I am thrifting. Some of the old magazines and books have great ideas to get creative juices flowing.


  2. I like the table the way it is. Excellent finds!

  3. I have been eyeballing that Martha Stewart book everytime I go to the bookstore. I'm super jealous.

  4. I picked up that Martha Stewart book at the store the other day. Jealous u found it on sale.

    I would say not paint the end table. It looks like its in pretty good condition. Its cute!

  5. Thanks so much your lovely comment! I appreciate it :)

  6. I love your blog and I gave you an award :)

  7. I love that new Martha Stewart book! I have already tried several things in it and can't wait to dig into a few more! Enjoy.

  8. Ooh, I'm jealous of the Martha book...I wish my library would have those instead of the oddest 80's craft books filled with geese. *shudder*